Thank you for your interest in Homeopathy and my Practice in Hassocks.

This site will tell you a little about me, homeopathy, and how homeopathic treatment may help to improve your health and wellbeing.

Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second largest system of medicine in the world today. Whilst it is most popular in India and South America, there are over thirty million people in Europe and millions of others around the world, who also benefit from its use. It is incorporated into the healthcare systems in Brazil, India and Russia and is used by 30% of the population in Germany.

One of the reasons that homeopathy is so popular, aside from it being very cost-effective, is that it offers a holistic approach to health and healing. This means it takes account of the mental and emotional aspects of a person's wellbeing, in addition to the physical, and acknowledges that all parts of the human system relate interactively; that body, mind and spirit are all aspects of a whole being.  

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  • What is Homeopathy?

    The name homeopathy, coined by its originator, Samuel Hahnemann, is derived from the Greek words for ‘similar suffering’ referring to the ‘like cures like’ principle of healing. The principle of treating “like with like” has an honorable tradition dating back to Hippocrates (460-377BC). However, Hahnemann was born in Germany two hundred and fifty years ago. 

  • Your Consultation

    People often find a homeopathic consultation very therapeutic, as it offers a rare opportunity to discuss personal and intimate aspects of life with an unprejudiced observer (the homeopath) in a confidential setting. The initial consultation lasts about two hours for adults and about one hour for children; follow-up appointments generally last up to an hour for adults and slightly less for children.

  • Your Treatment

    All charges include the remedy prescribed. I don’t charge extra for short conversations by telephone, or email support between appointments. It is always possible to schedule a telephone call if parents want to discuss a difficult situation about their child in confidence, either before or after the appointment. Treatment fees are as follows:

  • Homeopathy FAQs

    I have been practising homeopathy for over twenty years and have found there are certain questions that arise most frequently in patients' minds when they are considering whether to see a homeopath for the first time. The following is a selection of these questions - have a read through and please contact me, if your question is not answered here. 

  • Testimonials

    "Julie has helped me to overcome a major life trauma, that had kept me stuck for a very long time. I had lost all hope of ever coming out. Before meeting Julie, I did not realise that homeopathy could help people with emotional trauma. Previously I had tried CBT which was helpful, but it still left me with significant trauma.  Around about the same time, a friend recommended Julie, who I instantly connected with.