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“Whilst being open-minded, I will admit that I was reserved in my expectations as to what homeopathic treatment could achieve. I have always had problematic eczema in the background and in the past four years, I have suffered particularly with infuriating itchy skin across my body and face, which I’ve tried to control by examining every aspect as to what might be causing it – washing powders, diet, shower water, bed bugs, you name it! My wife encouraged me to try Julie, and just four months after having the pleasure of meeting her the first time, my skin has improved immeasurably after following her advice and her holistic treatment plan. I am sold!"   Andy, Burgess Hill, July 2018


"I've been seeing Julie for just over 10 years now. It started with a consultation for what I believed to be a fairly innocent allergic reaction in my eye, but has taken me on the most incredible journey, way beyond anything I could have foreseen at the outset. Julie helped me to understand that the 'allergic reaction' was actually my body expressing something much deeper, and the depth of healing I have achieved over the years is incredible. 

Julie has supported me through some of the darkest and most difficult periods of my life, including numerous traumatic bereavements, dealing with childhood and teenage traumas, and eating disorders. My overall health and wellbeing have improved dramatically and homeopathy has, without question, been the baseline for my healing. I can't recommend starting the homeopathic journey with Julie highly enough -- you will be glad you did! 

Julie is warm, caring, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable about holistic health. She is someone who, I know, will continue to be a part of my journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. Thank you Julie, for being so wonderful and for your support, guidance and many, many cups of tea over the years."             Kirsty Sutherland, March 2017


"Julie is a lovely lady with a caring nature and she puts you at ease immediately. My son was going through some real anxiety problems when transitioning to a new school. He chatted to Julie easily and she took time to assess him as a whole person. He has been taking the remedy every month for around two years now and is like a different child. I would thoroughly recommend Julie to anyone."   Mrs D.E.,  May 2016


"I started seeing Julie a few years ago and think she is an excellent homeopath. She is always extremely thorough in consultations and takes a lot of time to assess where the root of the problem lies, by pulling back the layers to find and unlock the underlying cause. Her approach is always thoroughly professional and I find her very easy to talk to. Over the time that I have got to know her, I have seen how much Julie comes from a place of complete integrity; how she will not compromise her principles and is never afraid to live her truth. I have found this very inspiring. I have also realised how amazing homeopathy is and what a useful tool it can be in helping us to heal, not only on a physical level, but on a deep emotional level as well."   Serena Bernard,  May 2015


"I find Julie to be a very caring, empathetic and non-judgemental homeopath.  The sessions are very helpful in that they give the opportunity to explore emotional issues as well as physical, and Julie is also able to give good practical nutritional advice."   Jennie, November 2015


"I first consulted Julie approximately five years ago following unsuccessful traditional medical treatments for a range of conditions. The initial consultation and history taking was the most thorough and complete of any practitioner I have experienced. Julie is always utterly professional, conscientious, meticulous and welcoming. Her remedies have had rapid and positive effects on me. Some remedies are used more long term, others sporadically, and for neck and shoulder pain from a teenage riding injury, the remedy acted very quickly indeed. I have a life long problem with sleep, both getting off to sleep and staying asleep. I found very little help from conventional medicine, however the remedies that Julie has tailored to my forms of sleeplessness allow me to go to bed with a degree of confidence that I will wake rested. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie to anyone who has intractable conditions. She is a wonderful practitioner who practises with empathy and compassion."    Andy Smith,  March 2015


"I first came to see Julie for homeopathic treatment at The Heeler Centre in 2004 when I was going through a challenging time, and found Julie's professional support, empathy and kindness helped me enormously. Since then I have continued to receive treatment on a fairly regular basis. The homeopathic remedies are a great help, but I value equally the counselling and support Julie is able to provide. She is always willing to talk on the phone between appointments if I want advice and I never feel judged by her. Although not officially a counsellor, she is one of the best counsellors I have ever seen and I can't recommend her highly enough."        Lorraine,   March 2015


"I originally met Julie at the Heeler Centre in Hassocks in 2010 because I had been suffering from a persistent chest infection and associated cough that I could not shake off.  After taking a full and comprehensive history from me, Julie's advice and remedies not only helped me with the chest problem but also the associated psychological issues that were the reason why I couldn't shake off the chest infection and bronchial pneumonia.  Since then Julie's advice has been paramount in helping me with various issues that have plagued me including anxiety, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, osteo-arthritis and nutritional advice.  In 2012 I moved to Cumbria but this has not been a problem as Julie and I continue to make appointments via skype, which works perfectly.  Julie is a very thorough, knowledgeable homeopath and has always treated me with kindness and respect, giving me encouragement and support throughout. I have the utmost faith and trust in her.  She never pressurises me and I don't feel the need to make appointments when my health is at an optimum, for example during the summer months.  Julie is an attentive listener, enabling her to fully understand what remedies, if any, are required.  Her support has been invaluable to me and I have no hesitation in recommending her for any ailments or worries you may have, either in addition to, or instead of, conventional services."      Sharon, Cumbria,   February 2015


"The more we’ve grown to know Julie, the more we’ve come to value her skills as a homeopath. She brings warmth, wisdom and insight to her consultations, making it a safe and empowering space. At every level, from a cough to a crisis, Julie finds the way to help the body heal itself without having to resort to the possible side-effects of mainstream medication. She’s been helping us successfully for many years now and we’re more grateful to her than we can say."  Reina & Mike Reinstein,  Nov 2014


"Julie has treated myself and my son, with great results. My son enjoys seeing her and finds her easy to talk to. She is caring and enthusiastic and takes time to ensure you get the best result. She’s fantastic – I’ve recommended her to friends who have been similarly impressed with her professional and friendly approach and ability to achieve results."    Jeanette Seabrook,  June 2012


"Our five year old son Finn had been experiencing some real emotional difficulties. He was bad tempered, grumpy and angry. After spending a long time observing him and getting to know him, Julie prescribed a homeopathic remedy which had an immediate and profound effect on him. I wish I could describe it in physical terms. Finn was almost instantly calmer, accepting of the love and relationships around him, easier to communicate with and ultimately a much more loving and calmer five year old. I can only attribute such a powerful emotional change to the remedy as it was so immediate and instantaneous; nothing in his environment or circumstances had changed. As his mum, I am left in no doubt that his physical and emotional health received this support from the remedy, and I am very grateful that Julie was able to treat Finn in such an individual manner."       Julie Neville,  March 2011


"After a long period of ill health and using all the usual remedies I decided to try homeopathy and see if this would help. I am not sure how it works but I have had some amazing results and have managed to successfully build up my much weakened immune system. After previously being a frequent patient of the Doctors I am pleased to say that this is history and I now know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that suits me. Julie is great to work with, develops realistic solutions and has coped with my initial scepticism….I have never looked back and am glad I opened my mind to try something different!"      Karen Edwards,  2011


These testimonials are the personal opinion of clients and do not represent evidence.