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Your Consultation

People often find a homeopathic consultation very therapeutic, as it offers a rare opportunity to discuss personal and intimate aspects of life with an unprejudiced observer (the homeopath) in a confidential setting. The initial consultation lasts about two hours for adults and about one hour for children; follow-up appointments generally last up to an hour for adults and slightly less for children. It is always possible to schedule a telephone call if parents want to discuss a difficult situation about their child in confidence.

My role as a homeopath is to listen as you describe your symptoms and your personal history. Homeopaths always look for the cause or origin of symptoms, so any information about your past medical history, your lifestyle, your diet, and any worries or stresses in your life will be relevant in helping me to develop a complete picture and find the best prescription for you. You may be asked a few questions which seem strange or irrelevant if you are new to homeopathy, but the aim is to understand your unique experience of whatever is troubling you, a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and match that to a homeopathic remedy to facilitate your natural healing response.

A homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat you as an individual, rather than your specific symptoms, so two people suffering from the same condition would be unlikely to receive the same remedy, since the root cause of their symptoms will be different. 

At the end of the initial consultation, I will have many pages of notes and will take time to reflect on the information before deciding on the remedy, which will be either in liquid or pill form. The first remedy will be posted to you with guidance about how to take it, but after this initial prescription, it may be possible for subsequent remedies to be prescribed on the spot as I get to know you and understand your case history. 

The first follow-up usually takes place about a month after the initial appointment and lasts up to an hour. When you attend your follow-up appointments it is very useful if you have kept a record of any changes or reactions that you have felt, including any vivid dreams, strange sensations or unusual memories from the past. Your feedback and observations are the most valuable asset in the treatment and will help me to decide on the next prescription.

In the event of acute illness for which you feel you may need medical help please call for advice. Your long-term treatment will be enhanced by appropriate management of acute illness.

If you would like more information about what happens when you see a homeopath, please click here.

My Availability

When you call my home number you may have to leave a message, but I will get back to you as soon as I can and usually before 9pm the same day. 

I work at The Heeler Centre in Hassocks on Tuesdays from 9am-1.30pm and all day Thursdays, from 9am-7pm, but it may be possible to schedule appointments outside of these times by prior arrangement. Follow-ups can be arranged on Skype once I get to know you, if you have difficulty attending appointments.

If you would like to make an appointment, please call me on 01273 546199 or call The Heeler Centre on 01273 843780.